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The Elite UK Credit Repair Guide

You will get the motivation and the tools needed to repair your credit and finally gain control of your credit report. Personal Finance and Credit Expert Laura Alozie, has written this easy to understand guide that you can follow step by step to get your credit to where you want it to be.

Let Me Repair Your Credit For You 


My service for you, over 5 months, includes:

- Initial analysis of your current situation including discussion of the problems in relation to your UK Credit history.

- Full detailed analysis of your main UK credit agency reports

- Full individual report based on your credit files including any potential problems or issues that are present

- Advice and guidance in relation to the correction of any mistakes on your credit files.

- I Will let you know what is helping or hurting your credit score 

- Help with securing new lines of credit if applicable 

- I will dispute all negative items and mail it out for you


Pay in full for £600




Make 3 monthly payments of £239.99 



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