How to dispute inaccurate information to increase your credit score

So previously I mentioned that there are different sections in your report holding information about you. First thing you need to identify are the types of information you need to repair. Here are a list of items you need to correct:

  • Credit cards that are over the limit or over the recommended utilisation level
  • Incorrect information ie payments that have been incorrectly reported late or accounts that have been wrongly reported against your name
  • Accounts that are past due, sent to collections or should have been deleted

The best method to dispute inaccurate information is by sending letters. Yes I know sounds archaic but did you know you have different rights when you are disputing online to when you are disputing via main? Also sending letters gives you a valuable paper trail. When sending a dispute via the mail make sure you use tracked delivery so you have proof of the delivery and it starts the countdown of 30 days the credit bureaus legally have to reply to you. The credit bureaus may ask for a hard copy of your report with the change highlighted alongside your letter and a copy of your ID. Sending this by mail helps this process immensely by saving time and help you keep on top of things.

As long as your dispute is legitimate the credit bureau or creditors will conduct an investigation. This may take many letters back and forth but it is very much worth it.

After a dispute is successful your credit report will be updated. GUESS WHAT!! Your score will increase with every dispute that is successful.  


I remember I wanted to get a store account and I was refused. This confused me because I knew I had bad credit but this was a very basic store card that didn’t need a high score to qualify. I checked my credit report and I was so shocked to see a juicy CCJ slapped right against my name!! I had no idea how that go there and there wasn’t much information telling me where it came from. After many telephone calls to the court that issued it I finally found out the guilty culprit…THE JOB CENTRE!!!

I was so upset and distraught I knew what that meant for my credit report (they stay there for 10 years) and I was really confused as to how it got there. I called the job centre and requested any paperwork regarding the CCJ as I had no idea. At first, of course, the individual got quite smart with me with a highly sarcastic tone but I stood my ground because I truly didn’t know what it was about. I asked for any paperwork to verify the debt owed and communication between them and myself regarding any court dates set etc and guess what? They didn’t have any. What had happened was the automation of their system somehow bypassed certain checkpoints and issued a court CCJ in my name!! So I was penalised deeply for a mistake that was not my fault and furthermore if I hadn’t had checked my report I would have been none the wiser and would have been refused credit with this massive red mark on my report. I disputed the CCJ and the job centre had to apply on my behalf to the county court to get the CCJ completely dissolved off my credit report without a trace and they sent me report certificate through the post to show it was done.

This is why it is very very important to check your report regularly because what you think couldn’t possibly happen can most certainly happen but it is up to you to check and correct it.

You can do it!

Love Ya xx